Actuator Programmer Stand-alone

  • Portable and independent from the VNT
  • USB connection
  • Read and program the actuator
  • Program Siemens' actuators

*option to test the actuators

  • Change the actuators' operating angle
  • Copy and transfer the firmware from one actuator to another
  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface
  • Easy to operate

At TurboClinic we are all about innovation and making our clients’ work easier, so our team developed the stand-alone version of the Actuator Programmer.
This is a portable equipment which is completely independent from the VNT and has a USB connection to work with a computer or a laptop.
The Actuator Programmer can read and program electronic actuators and allows to copy and transfer the firmware from one actuator to another as well as to change the actuator’s operating angle manually. The equipment has the option of testing the actuators.