EAT v3

Electronic Actuator Tester

  • Android Interface
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Automatic detection of the actuator connected
  • Frequent updates to include new actuators
  • Easy updates
* Android device not included
  • Test position sensor for pneumatic valves with electronic sensor
  • Universal cable included
  • Works with rechargeable batteries (batteries not included)
  • *Option to program actuators
*Not included

TurboClinic means constant innovation and overcoming new technological levels, and this is proved once again with the EAT v3's presentation - the first equipment to test electronic actuators with interface in Android. This is a new EAT with a bold image which can be operated from multiple devices (from tablets to smartphones) everywhere.
The EAT v3 empowers the turbocharger reconditioning industry with an even more portable and intuitive tool that simplifies the diagnostic of electronically controlled turbochargers.
The EAT v3 also has the option to program the turbochargers’ electronic actuators.