TC Workbench

  • Equipment all-in-one
  • Balancing of the turbochargers
  • Adjustment of the geometries
  • Equipped with Pneumatic Oil Leak Tester (simplifies and automates the oil leak tests) - Test cartridges for oil leaks
  • Test electronic actuators
  • Program electronic actuators
  • Measure the efficiency of the compressor wheel
  • Equipped with 2 touch screens
  • Allows two users simultaneously

TurboClinic presents the TC Workbench, an unique equipment which integrates all that is needed to repair a turbocharger.
This all-on-one equipment gathers the functions of the TCA Compact, the VNT v2, the EAT v3, the Actuator Programmer, it also comes with a Pneumatic Oil Leak Tester that simplifies and automates the oil leak test.
Going even further, the TC Workbench allows to measure the efficiency of the compressor wheel besides enabling the balance of the turbocharger, the adjustment of the geometry, the test of the cartridges for oil leaks, the test and programming of the electronic actuators.