• New design 100% focused on the users’ comfort
  • Large working area
  • 21,5” Touch screen
  • Interface with a new design
  • Built-in VNT v2 functions
  • High precision
  • Equipped with Pneumatic Oil Leak Tester (simplifies and automates the oil leak tests)
  • Test cartridges for oil leaks
  • Equipped with an Actuator Programmer
  • Test the wastegate valves

Working everyday to be at the forefront of technology in the area in which it operates, TurboClinic shows once again why it is a world leader.
Synonym of constant innovation and concern for its customers’ comfort, TurboClinic presents the evolution of the most complete equipment on the market to adjust turbochargers’ variable nozzles with pneumatic or electronic actuators - the VNT i.
With a new design focused on a greater comfort of its users and all the VNT v2’s functions and test possibilities, the VNT i integrates a Pneumatic Oil Leak Tester and an Actuator Programmer and allows to test the wastegate valves.